I am a freelance website designer and digital marketeer.

I, and a team of other freelance digital experts, build beautiful and highly functional websites based upon the WordPress platform. To make us highly competitive, we use tried and tested templates to base our web designs upon.

Of course we modify the template colour scheme, fonts and layouts etc to make each website unique, but fundamentally behind the scenes the website is WordPress, the worlds most popular content management web platform.

Whether you or your team have never touched a content management system (CMS) or you are a pro, the websites I deliver are built for users of all skill levels.

You can manage tasks such as adding your own content, such as news and blog stories. Or if we build you an e-commerce shop, you will be easily adding items for sale and managing stock levels etc.

If you are targeting your website to a specific location or target area, we can make you geographic landing pages that will certainly increase the number of visitors to your website.