We’re a creative digital agency offering an affordable premium
service for website design and search engine optimisation.

Google Friendly

We make websites that are beautiful, flexible, secure and powerful

Work with us to get more website traffic, more visitors and therefore more phone calls, more emails to sell more of whatever you do

Mobile phone showing website digital marketing

We make websites that are beautiful, flexible, secure and powerful

Mobile phone showing website digital marketing

Work with us to get more website traffic, more visitors and therefore more phone calls, more emails to sell more of whatever you do

Mobile Friendly Websites

Designed to look good on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers

Optimised for Speed

Fast websites boost usability and search engine rankings.

Optimised for Conversion

Clear calls to action and simple usability increase website conversion rates.

Beautiful, flexible, secure and powerful websites for business

My websites are built from the ground up using WordPress, arguably the worlds most popular website platform. Strong security protection comes as standard from the start and excellent tutoring in how to use your new website when you take it over. You are in good hands with a 5 star service

Web design and web development are our specialty. We work with our clients on their positioning in their marketplace, especially where they are in search results

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We get the design and content of your website right behind the scenes


We achieve clean aesthetically pleasing designs that are intuitive to use


We get your web pages found high within the popular search results

All of our sites are built upon a customised WordPress setup as the Content Management System

Since it was first created in 2003, WordPress has grown to become one of the best Content Management System (CMS) platforms in the world.

Its flexibility, versatility, and unique features have cemented its place as one of the top CMS tools. It is for this reason that we have been using it as our preferred website platform since 2006.

The customisation options available for a WordPress site are second to none.

WordPress is highly customisable and very user friendly

We can customise and modify your website until it fully reflects you or your brand whilst also maintaining a high level of search engine friendliness.

WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) truly go hand in hand. We  can make everything you will need to boost your SEO right out of the gate.

We can design a website for you or your team to add to and modify, or we can add and edit your website content for you.

The top positions on search engines are not just for big business. We help small business affordably get up there amongst the big money spending players.

Being found at the top of search engines isn’t just for big businesses or companies with big budgets. Our ethical local and small business SEO techniques will help your website get the most out of being online by being  found high up in search results. By optimising your pages and building new ones, we can make the most of your content and greatly improve your ranked position in search engine results.

Get an awesome website design packed with great features

Our responsive website design displayed on multiple different devices from a desktop iMac to a smaller mobile phone

Beautiful design layout throughout the website


Full width wow factor image ready


Retina ready and responsive – works just great on devices of any size


Amazing theme choice options for unlimited colours and styles


Powerful Visual Layout Editor making content management tasks easier for both novices’ or pros’

We use WordPress for very good reason. A business website needs to get a professional impression communicated effectively and great features help to achieve just that. However at the same time we always try to keep things simple and intuitive.

A well presented website with engaging features and content makes for a positive experience to your visitors. They should have no problems using your website and understanding your business and what you do. In return, visitors will reward your efforts, as your website has delivered

We specialise in integrating and supporting:
The MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin

The MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking system is an all-in-one property management suite for rental property websites. In our opinion it is by far the best WordPress booking system available.

List unlimited accommodations and services, accept direct online reservations, synchronise all bookings etc.

The system is perfect for running any hospitality business establishment regardless of the size, function or cost: a hotel, vacation rental, apartments agency, hostel and more.

So if you need a complete website built or just the MotoPress WordPress Hotel booking system added to your existing website, contact us.

Built with deep integration for market-leading additional features.
And of course working out of the box with thousands more…

Easily build and manage your community with the bbPress forum plugin

bbPress is a forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress. Easily setup discussion forums inside your WordPress powered site.

Optimize your site for search engines with Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO allows you to easily optimize your WordPress site with one plugin for all search engines. It allows for real time content analysis of your blog entries and has many more features to streamline your site. A premium version of the plugin is also available.

Build great forms with GravityForms

Although as standard you will get a great and simple contact form for most everyday applications, sometimes what you need is something more sophisticated with a lot more options. Thats where GravityForms shines and so do we when we implement that for you!

Use Slider Revolution for beautiful slides (but only if you want to)

Some prefer a slider appearing on their homepage as it opens, others prefer to get direct to a message headline with a static image or title. Whatever your preference, and even if you change your mind thereafter, it’s good to know that you can add or take away a slider element as you wish. Either on your homepage or any other page, you can switch a slider on or off, or only show it on your visitors desktop PC’s and not their mobile devices.

Open your own WooCommerce Online Store

WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, so you can rest assured you’re in good company. Build beautiful and functional stores without any hassle by using the website we build for you in conjunction with WooCommerce.

We will make your perfect property rental or hotel booking website

MotoPress Hotel System is an all-in-one property management suite for rental property websites.

This WordPress hotel booking system is perfect for running any hospitality business establishment regardless of the size, function or cost.

Use LayerSlider for amazing custom animations. The plugin is the only one included in the theme

Our goto slider when it comes to complex layer-based animation sliders. The Plugin is included as part of the theme but no worries, if you don’t use we wont load it, to take care of your server resources.

Mailchimp Newsletter Integration

Not technically a plugin but only the most popular newsletter service there is. And this theme allows you to create subscription forms out of the box. Just enter your Mailchimp API key and start collecting subscribers!

Manage and organize events with this amazing plugin

A solid, feature-rich calendar and events management suite that’s scalable from soup to nuts. Also comes with a Pro version and a ton of extensions. Definitely check it out!

What our customers say

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In an area like this is where your wonderful customers comments can be shown to your future customers. Positive customer feedback on a professional looking website gives assurance to new visitors that they are at the right place.

Many thanks for the lovely review Matt.
I really enjoyed teaching you on the intensive training courses you attended and learning all about your business. Let me know if you need any help.

Real support by real people

We don’t like being just a number and neither do you.

Thats why we always prefer to use professional suppliers who offer a personal service. After many years of building and maintaining websites, we have learnt that the large hosting organisations do treat us like numbers and their view of acceptable customer support is rarely short of woeful.

Therefore our preference is to use Ontinuity who are a UK based professional website hosting company with real people supporting real business. In effect, the same ethos as our own.

Together, we do care that your website runs just great!

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